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Chien-Min Lu

Hello! My name is Chien-Min Lu. Welcome to my site!

Please click on my photo or here to enter, but ONLY if you are at least 21 years old

I want to be a ruined exposed faggot for life with no fucking way out.

I started my online exposure journey since I was 26, and my urge to be completely exposed has grown stronger each day. My pictures and videos have been spread and posted online for a while now, and on websites that I have no control over at all. I have tried to take them down but couldn't, and now I don't want to anymore. I accept my life as a ruined fag, and I want to be exposed and ruined more. Please expose me to the extreme.

The humiliation and degradation from exposing myself always make me hard, knowing every inch of my body are now on display for strangers to see, and all my sexual acts and fetishes are for people to watch gives me a rush. I like to be contacted and be told how exposed I am, you can humiliate me as much as you would like.

Please download my nudes and videos, and spread them on any platforms you like, and send them to anyone you want, really fuck me up and don't worry about the consequences. Blackmail me, destroy me, ruin me, I want to be a total fucking exposure faggot.

And I am so proud of being part of TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed!